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Blended Olive Oil, Blended Grapeseed Oil and Blended Avocado Oil offer your customers the most value.  They give a cost-effective solution, while maintaining authentic flavor, for your high-heat cooking needs.  Blended Oils may be used for a broad spectrum of uses tableside or for your favorite sautéing, baking and broiling recipes.


These oils give mild flavor to the food they’re cooking while still being able to perform superbly under the highest of heats.  When your customer wants to maintain the subtle flavors of the food they’re cooking at high heat, our blended oils are the perfect solution.

Campania 75% Canola / 25 % Extra Virgin Olive Oil

[MOST POPULAR Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend]

A very budget-friendly way to cook, this blend of Canola and Extra Virgin Olive Oil uses a base of subtle canola with a shot of flavorful and healthy olive oil. The result is much milder oil without that sometimes overwhelming intensity of pure olive oil. This will agree with many palates, and with a high smoke point, it lends itself for most high temperature cooking applications.


Villa Maria Grapeseed Oil Plus

[MOST POPULAR Grapeseed Oil Blend]

A perfect oil for high-heat applications such as pan-frying tortillas and your favorite vegetables or even for deep-frying. It's a great value for your family to make sure your dollar stretches as far as possible.  This blend of Canola and Grapeseed Oil results in a much milder oil without that the nutty grapeseed flavor. Villa Maria Grapeseed Oil Blend accentuates the foods it is paired with while not overpowering it.. great for enhancing the flavor of flaky, delicate white fish!


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Ciuti Villa Maria Grapeseed Oil Blend
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