Non-GMO Blended Oil

Ciuti's Non-GMO Blended Oils are a blend of Non-GMO Sunflower Oil and your favorite Ciuti Non-GMO Specialty Oil.  Always Kosher.


Sunflower Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This blend is our most popular!  It provides a punch of EVOO's flavor while increasing the smoke point.


Sunflower Oil & Grapeseed Oil

This blend is the favorite blend chosen in the hispanic marketplace.  Great for frying tortillas without GMOs.


Sunflower Oil & Avocado Oil

Avocado oil's neutral flavor is a great pairing with sunflower oil to make sure not to change the flavor of your most delicate culinary dishes.


Sunflower Oil & Coconut Oil

The baker's choice!  The faint sweetness imparted by the coconut oil makes this a healthier, cheaper substitute for butter in all your cookies and other baked goods.


100% Sunflower Oil is also available.