500 mL Ciuti California Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ciuti's California Extra Virgin Olive Oil uses only the highest grade of olive oil from fruit grown in California.  

The olives are cold-pressed, the way it's been done for thousands of years, then the oil is tested to meet stringent requirements so it may be graded as extra virgin olive oil. Finally, it must pass an expert tasting panel to make sure that the flavor is exquisite.

Ciuti California Extra Virgin Olive Oil takes this arduous process to another level. The olives are sourced only from Central Valley California farms; the same region that produces Napa Valley's world-renowned wines.

Oil produced from naturally grown olives so that your family only consumes oil produced from nature, the way it was intended.

Cook well. Eat well.
Most importantly, Live well. ~Ciuti
  • Details

    500 mL dark glass bottle to protect oil from light and heat. Product is guaranteed to have a shelf life of minimum one-year from purchase. Bottled in the USA; Product of California.