500 mL Ciuti Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ciuti Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest grade olive oil, produced naturally from the first cold-press.  

Cooking well… the exceptional flavor of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) led to traditional applications in dressings, dippings, and sauces.

Enhance the taste of your cooking with Ciuti’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Eating well… studies have shown Extra Virgin Olive Oil to be:
• High in monounsaturated fats
• A good source of Vitamin E
• Loaded with antioxidants

Living well… these healthy traits have been shown to:
• Improve coronary health
• Lower bad LDL cholesterol
• Raise good HDL cholesterol

Cook well. Eat well.
Most importantly, Live well. ~Ciuti
  • Details

    500 mL dark glass bottle to protect oil from light and heat. Product is guaranteed to have a shelf life of minimum one-year from purchase. Bottled in the USA; oil imported from Spain.